Plagiarism check is the initial stage in all our operations with all texts.
Before the blind review procedure, all texts submitted (including those that previously were sent back for corrections and then returned for reconsideration) are subject to plagiarism check.

Since the journal is publishing materials in English, Russian and Ukrainian - we normally check using 2-3 different engines (methods). In many cases additional manual check (with interpreter's assistance) is added to that which is often helpful when translation serves the purpose of hiding plagiarism.
Author’s own files with plagiarism check results and/or recommendations on which methods to use for plagiarism check are disregarded.
Authors who got negative results in the plagiarism check twice or more times are blacklisted for good.

All submitted texts are subject to blind review by a specialist, either Ukrainian or foreign, in the related field. Whenever possible, we try to provide a reviewer having both scholarly and practical experience in a field.

The text is anonymized (encoded) before the review, and the file the reviewer gets does not have any traces to personalities behind the authorship.
For confidentiality reasons we prefer to keep the list of in-house reviewers closed, to make sure the blind review is blind both ways.
The editorial office does not follow any recommendations or suggestions on reviewing candidates from authors directly.
We are doing our best the blind review procedure does not last more than 4-6 weeks, though the timing may vary depending on our current load and the season.
Upon the review, the corresponding author gets the brief of the review in an electronic form. In cases when additional minor work on the text is needed, the editorial office may send not the final form of the review - but just a separate comment from a blind reviewer in a plain email, expecting prompt correction of what is unclear.

All reviewers are asked to base their judgments on the following positions:
- Originality of the idea;
- Internal logic of the text;
- Profundity of statistical material and depth of its analysis;
- Specificity of the study, without overgeneralization;
- Proper referencing and sufficient literature analysis on the issue;
- Correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure and also proper academic style of the presentation overall;
- Logical and interesting conclusions which indeed contribute to the study field.

We kindly ask our reviewer to express their judgements in a polite and accurate way - and our potential authors to perceive the results of the review likewise.
Personalized negotiations and follow-up discussions between authors and reviewers on the review results are not an option.
If managing/guest editor considers the review results to be biased or worded in an appropriate way – the text would be reassigned to a different reviewer, and the corresponding author would be notified on this change.

The editorial team keeps the right for minor corrections (including the title in some cases), saving the general style and the key conclusions of the author.

Terminology and personal names translation are subject to general international standards, public and diplomatic documents and also our leading editor's reasoning.

The view expressed in an article, political and/or economic one, is not necessarily shared by the editorial team.

All texts, academic articles and also reviews of any sort, once published in Actual Problems of Economics belong to the author(s) of the related texts. The editorial office does not have any claims on this intellectual property.
The copyright model selected carefully by the Editorial Board for this matter is CC BY.
For more details on proper referencing and copyright indication, please, visit:

Since retraction as such is an extremely complicate procedure, we strongly recommend our authors to consider their decision and placement long in advance.
Text can be withdrawn without any specific actions to be taken further at least 3 weeks before the issue appears on our site. For this matter, we would need only the formal letter signed by all coauthors. The authors are not required to provide any explanation on this decision whatsoever. However, if the text has already gone through editing, page-positioning or proofreading, we would not be able to compensate for the payment performed (since the work has been performed by our staff in any case), but we can email you the edited and pagepositioned version of your text for further use in other journals, if needed.

If the author demands withdrawal or replacement of the text from the already visible issue due to own errors – we would exclude the pdf of the article from our online database on this issue, free of any charges, posting a special withdrawal sign instead.

We will also notify all databases and online libraries on the necessary changes (putting the corresponding author in the email CC) – however, please, note that the speed of changes and all the related corrections in these databases are subject to their internal performance, and we have very limited influence on that.
If the author demands text replacement or withdrawal due to our mistake (typos, wrong placement of tables etc.) – the Editorial Board would make sure the author gets an additional opportunity to get published free of charge to compensate for our mistake.

Normally we try to stay in the following time framework:
Plagiarism check and blind review - 4-6 weeks, depending on your topic, reviewer's availability and seasonal load of our work.

The time gap between "text approved" and "text is actually published" is usually about 6-7 months. For example:
you email your text in January, in February it is approved - and thus, most probably, it will be placed into August or September issue. This means it will be available on this site mid August (September) and the paper sample will be ready for mailing at the end of the same month.
Please, note that there is always an additional time gap between the text published at ours and its availability in databases and online libraries (mentioned in INDEXATION on this site). Sometimes, up to several months too. The journal would not be able to speed up the processes of these organizations’ internal operations.

The editorial office is doing its best to prevent any sort of research and academic misconduct, including (especially) plagiarism, text cloning, citations manipulation etc.
If you have any suspicions in this relation regarding our authors - please, contact the managing editor, and we will initiate the internal investigation. Both authors and the initiator will be later informed (in separate emails) on its results.
In all our processes the editorial office is doing its best to comply with COPE standards, even though we are not directly members of this honourable organization.

Due to absence of public and/or grant funding for this purely academic project, we have to ask all authors for publication fees.
Publication fee is calculated only AFTER the text's approval in the result of blind review and placement into an issue.
Blind review as such and all prior consultations on the texts are free of any charges.
Publication fee is size-based (depending on how many pages the text would occupy in a particular issue) + it covers sending one paper sample of the issue to the author (or to each coauthor). As of February 2017, on average, the fee is ranging from 100 to 250 usd.

All private payments options (Western Union, PayPal etc.) are strictly prohibited! The fees are to be paid to the bank account of National Academy of Management (the founder of the journal) only. Bank details of NAM are provided to the corresponding author upon the text final placement.

Publication fees cover: publishing of the journal, all paper mailing, our offices rent + utilities, staff salaries, IT support, stationary and paper supply etc. Profit-making is not the priority of our team, thus, we are doing our best to keep the fee as low as it is economically possible.
The editorial office is considering personal waivers for the authors from African and Asian countries, PhD students especially, and also in the cases of force majeure (natural disaster which led to serious financial losses for an author, for example).

The journal occasionally publishes texts which are the follow-up from conference reports and presentations. The general provisions on such cooperation are:
No special issues, this is not discussable.
Only texts strictly related to our topical framework.

The editorial board keeps the right for additional plagiarism check, while blind review is a must in any case.
Participation in a conference does not automatically guarantee placement in our journal.
The journal prefers direct contacts with all authors, not with a conference representative.
Double publication with identical conference proceedings is strictly prohibited, however, title of the text can be the same (usually article is an extended and much more detailed version of conference proceedings, though not necessarily).

Please, contact the editorial office for more details on timing, technical procedures, legal contract options etc.

Please, note! The journal is NOT working with any sort of intermediaries!
The editorial office is communicating personally or via email only with the authors of the texts DIRECTLY!
We do not have any regional or country representatives, or any contracts signed, or any oral agreements in this relation.
The editorial office is not welcoming text-related communication with parents, spouses, children and other relatives of potential authors, colleagues of the authors, their direct bosses and/or academic advisors. All decisions, blind review results especially - are delivered only to the authors personally.
If a side person (not mentioned by last name on this site) is promising a guaranteed publication in our journal or any sort of assistance in publication - this is the case of academic fraud. Please, ignore such attempts.
All email communication with the authors - from the National Academy of Management server, that is email addresses ending with @nam.kiev.ua

Occasionally, the journal may agree to place advertisement on its pages or cover. However, only in the cases of university education promotion, research grants information, conference announcement and the like.
For timing, legal and financial details - please, contact the Managing Editor.
We are not welcoming advertisement on our site because we consider it disturbing.
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